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Shape The Future. Feed The World.

In 2009, IFEEDER was formed to support the future of the feed industry as it is challenged to sustain the escalating world population. Through focused research and educational programs today, IFEEDER is paving the way for future generations to meet these enormous challenges.

Dedicated to Education & Research

IFEEDER is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to sustaining the future of food and feed production through education and research. IFEEDER broadly represents the feed industry, including representation from academia, and experts in science and technology.

Sustainable agriculture means moving forward with new technology. The improvements we've experienced in our lifetime came to fruition through investment in education, ideas, research, and new practices.

Investments must increase in parallel with the increasing challenges. By making a contribution and taking part in IFEEDER you can give back to this industry. Help influence where we are going in the future and how we will develop the answers that are needed. Support the institute. Sustain the industry. Make your commitment to IFEEDER today.

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