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Current Projects

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV) Funding for Feed Research
We are pleased to announce that 44 companies and/or individuals came together to support the funding of eight research projects focusing on feed ingredients and/or feed manufacturing to understand their relationship, if any, with the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus. IFEEDER committed $100,000 to support the effort which illustrates a key reason IFEEDER was created-to enable our industry to quickly respond to urgent or evolving issues or needs that are critical to the future of our industry.
Ken Thomas
IFEEDER Executive Director

Companies and Individuals Providing PEDV Support
Adisseo USA Inc.; Ajinomoto; Animix; Belstra Milling; Berg & Schmidt America LLC;
Bill Barr & Company; Canadian Bio-Systems; Chr. Hansen; D&D Ingredient Distributors; Darling Ingredients; DeKalb Feeds; Diamond V; Donley Moran; DPI Global; DSM Nutritional Products; Evonik Corporation; EW Nutrition; Feedworks USA Ltd.; George Caraway; Heger Company; Herschel J. Gaddy & Associates;  Hi-Pro Feeds; Hubbard Feeds; International Ingredient Corporation; JBS United; Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health N.A., Kerry Inc.; Milk Specialties Global; NASDBPP; Norel Animal Nutrition USA, Inc.; Nutra Blend LLC; Nutriad, Inc.; PCS Sales; Pennfield Animal Health; Provitas LLC; Ralco Nutrition; Standard Nutrition; T.C. Products Company; Trouw Nutrition USA LLC; Varied Industries; Vita Plus Corporation; Walinga USA Inc.; WL Port-Land Systems Inc.; Wm. C. Loughlin Company

Statement by Richard Sellers, Senior Vice President of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, American Feed Industry Association, Regarding PEDV Feed Research Click here for the statement (PDF - 29KB).

U.S., Canadian Pork Industries Collaborate with Feed Industry, Others on PEDV Click here for the press release (PDF - 83KB).

The IFEEDER Board of Trustees has funded a number of projects as detailed below:

  • Economic Analysis on Future Patterns of U.S. Grains, Biofuels, and Livestock and Poultry Feeding from The Council on Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (C-FARE). Click here for the full report (PDF - 7MB), click here for the summary report (PDF - 2MB).

  • National Academies’ Nutrient Requirements for Swine (Swine NRC) - $75K contribution leveraged other contributions of $250K

  • National Academies’ Nutrient Requirements for Beef (Beef NRC) - $45K contribution leveraged additional contributions of $225K

  • Funded research to better define the impact of Salmonella and/or other pathogens in feed - $15K leveraged contributions of $60K to fund the Salmonella in Feed Research Coalition

  • Funded research for FAO Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Model for Livestock - $25K leveraged a total of $1M for the three- year project to contribute to rational and scientific research for assessing the true environmental impact of livestock production, including feed products

  • CAST Report: "Animal Feed vs. Human Food: Challenges in Sustaining Animal Agriculture Toward 2050" - The Council on Agricultural Science and Technology requested $20K for funding a policy document (CAST Issue Paper) that would lay out some challenges to animal production for the near and long-term future. The report can be found here and a link to a video clip can be found at:

  • The ABC’s of Farming Coloring Book - Created by Feedstuffs Foodlink, a grant of $30K provided 30,000 coloring books to educate kids on real farming and feeding practices with shipments to AFIA members and others for distribution

  • Adopt-a-Teacher Program - Created by the Animal Agriculture Alliance, a grant of $15K provides positive, fact-based educational resources about food production for use in school curriculums with recipient schools suggested by AFIA members

Potential Future Projects

  • Research - Examine issues that sustain and improve our global feed industry
  • Education - Communicate accurate facts of food animal production to the media and public by working with strategically aligned entities
  • Conduct research to measure carbon footprints and make recommendations for feed industry participants
  • Conduct research necessary for development of industry comments for regulatory agencies – i.e. OSHA, EPA, FDA, to define safety rules, toxicology studies, etc.
  • Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification and educational programs
  • Develop Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point guidelines and training for feed industry
  • Educate our future workforce to ensure we are competitive and sustainable versus other job alternatives
  • Feed industry scholarships
  • Provide speakers to promote the future of animal agriculture and world food production



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