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In its inaugural season, IFEEDER is already gaining international recognition & accolades. Read below to hear just a few of the ways people are saying “I believe in IFEEDER”.


"To preserve the ecology and the environment... 70% of our food production increases are going to have to come from technology."

Joel Newman, President
American Feed Industry Association


"You talk about carbon footprint, sustainability, the role of animal agriculture, food supply, and the safety of the food supply - this is the focus area of IFEEDER."

Alan Gunderson, Vice President
Vita Plus Corporation


"I believe in IFEEDER. Collectively as an industry, we can raise the money to support the projects that need to be done for the industry."

Richard Sellers, Vice President
Food Regulation & Nutrition AFIA


"Our industry is changing. I think about the problem of going from 6.7 billion people in the world today to 9.1 billion by 2050. We've got to double our food production."

Dean Warras, President
Prince Agri Products, Inc.



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