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1. Navigating ESG: A Corporate Journey

At the recent International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), the American Feed Industry Association hosted an educational session called, “Feed Your ESG: How Feed Will Help Hit Sustainability Targets.” While I spoke about Institute for Feed Education and Research’s sustainability efforts underway to support the feed industry and our customers, I took away much more from the panel discussion with Mike Gauss, president of KENT Nutrition Group, who shared insights into his company’s efforts to advance ESG in practice.  

Tags: sustainability, people, planet, governance, stakeholders, ESG
By Lara Moody
2. Sustainability as a Value Creator: Top 4 Insights from Those Who Do

Are you a “value creator?” If you haven’t heard this term – keep reading! McKinsey & Company recently conducted a global survey on how companies capture the value of sustainability. Below are four things I learned about the benefits of a company having a sustainability program within their organization from the Creating Value with Sustainability: Survey.”

Tags: Governance
By Guest
3. IFEEDER Seeks Partners for Second Phase of Sustainability Project

The Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) announced today that it is moving forward with the second phase of its Sustainability Road Map Project, which has played a pivotal role in helping dozens of U.S. animal food companies start or advance their sustainability journeys.

Tags: people, planet, governance, toolkit, stakeholders, data, LCA, environment, road map
4. IFEEDER Releases Materials to Support Industry Sustainability Progress

The U.S. animal food industry is poised to collaborate with and address the future sustainability needs of its customers, thanks in part to new tools unveiled today at the International Production & Processing Expo.

Tags: pets, people, planet, governance, toolkit, stakeholders, environment, road map
5. IFEEDER & WWF Announce Feed Systems Sustainability Summit, Case Study Opportunity

The Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have partnered to debut the Feed Systems Sustainability Summit, set to take place Sept. 28-29, in Milwaukee, Wis.

Tags: people, planet, governance, stakeholders

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