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1. New IFEEDER Resource Showcases Industry Sustainability Stories

Sure, greenhouse gas emission reductions often get the limelight when it comes to corporate sustainability programs, but sustainability goes much broader than climate change. Consider the issues that matter most to them, i.e., conducting a “materiality assessment,” as a key step in deciding where the company should focus its sustainability efforts to make an impact. This concept can be confusing, so I break it down here and explain a new resource that the Institute for Feed Education and Research is launching to help companies understand it even better. 

Tags: toolkit, sustainability road map, project update
By Lara Moody
2. Updating Our Feed and Pet Food Consumption Data

This year, the Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) initiated work on a project to update its pet food and feed ingredient consumption reports. The goal is to provide transparent data, quantifying the numerous ingredients used to feed livestock, poultry, fish and pets in the United States. These reports serve as some of the best reference materials available for those discussing matters impacting the U.S. animal food value chain. IFEEDER is the only public charity investing in this kind of research to inform decisions in the animal food industry.

Tags: Pet Food Report, Feed Consumption, Data, Project Update
By Taylor Lekin
3. Preparing for the Next Animal Disease Outbreak – Feed Mill Hygiene and Decontamination

Since the outbreak of the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) in 2013, the feed and livestock industries have worked to gain a better understanding of pathogen transmission through feed and the supply chain. Multiple studies have documented the distribution of viral pathogens in mills after contamination, the stability of viruses in feed and ingredient matrices, and virus reduction using chemical mitigants or extended holding times.

Tags: Pork, Project update, research
By Guest

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