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1. Feed Innovation Can Lower Environmental Footprints

Feedstuff production on the farm may be a leading source of the environmental footprint for livestock, poultry, horses and pets, but it doesn’t mean it will be the best solution for reducing it. Regenerative agriculture, climate-smart practices and efforts to improve soil health are agricultural practices that receive a lot of attention by stakeholders for reducing t animal feed’s footprint, but I would argue that we must give equal attention to some of the animal food industry innovations in the pipeline that will offer solutions as well.  

Tags: Road Map, Data, LCA
By Lara Moody
2. IFEEDER Seeks Partners for Second Phase of Sustainability Project

The Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) announced today that it is moving forward with the second phase of its Sustainability Road Map Project, which has played a pivotal role in helping dozens of U.S. animal food companies start or advance their sustainability journeys.

Tags: people, planet, governance, toolkit, stakeholders, data, LCA, environment, road map
3. IFEEDER Releases Materials to Support Industry Sustainability Progress

The U.S. animal food industry is poised to collaborate with and address the future sustainability needs of its customers, thanks in part to new tools unveiled today at the International Production & Processing Expo.

Tags: pets, people, planet, governance, toolkit, stakeholders, environment, road map
4. IFEEDER Launches Industrywide Sustainability Project

The Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER), along with The Context Network, officially launched a project this month to develop a sustainability road map for the animal food industry.

Tags: pets, stakeholders, environment, road map
5. IFEEDER Board Working to Advance Industry's Sustainability Journey

This week, the Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) held its annual Board of Trustees meeting to review the public charity’s accomplishments over the past year, discuss strategic priorities for the upcoming fiscal year and install new trustees and Board leadership.

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