Filling knowledge gaps for the animal feed and pet food industry.


IFEEDER’s agenda is simple: to transparently provide data and information so stakeholders can make good decisions about feed and pet food. Since 2009, IFEEDER has been developing resources that help the U.S. animal food industry better communicate its story to corporate decision-makers and stakeholders looking for credible science and facts on where their feed and pet food comes from.

Unfortunately, public investment in agriculture research has declined in the United States in recent decades, but that is where the Institute for Feed Education and Research comes in. IFEEDER is the only public charity of its kind, conducting research about and for the entire U.S. animal food industry.

Through proactive research performed in collaboration with domestic and international academic institutions, governments and stakeholders, IFEEDER is helping business leaders make informed decisions about the future of animal agriculture.

IFEEDER’s current research initiatives are focused on:


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