Making progress on sustainability for the animal feed and pet food value chain.

Animal Food Industry Sustainability Toolkit

The Institute for Feed Education and Research developed the Animal Food Industry Sustainability Toolkit to provide business leaders within the animal feed and pet food industry with practical resources for developing their internal sustainability programs, responding to stakeholders’ requests and communicating their sustainability stories.

The toolkit is based on industry and stakeholder surveys and interviews as well as input from an advisory committee. It is organized via nine steps companies can follow based on their current levels of engagement on sustainability.


NOTE: The information provided in IFEEDER’s Animal Food Industry Sustainability Toolkit is protected by copyright and is licensed exclusively to American Feed Industry Association members, paid subscribers and IFEEDER donors only. Reproduction or distribution of the material in any form to or for unlicensed parties is prohibited without express written consent from IFEEDER’s Executive Director Lara Moody. The contents of the member toolkit are not to be shared with individuals or companies outside of your own company.




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Testimonials from Toolkit Users

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