Making progress on sustainability for the animal feed and pet food value chain.

Sustainability Opportunities: Beyond GHG Emissions

To enhance the sustainability toolkit and encourage use by a broader group of animal food industry members, IFEEDER is working with Iowa State University (ISU) to expand the awareness of key sustainability issues that are important to the industry. The goal is to ensure animal food industry members understand the concept, value and examples of each material issue within their operations through storytelling.

For the below items, IFEEDER will add resources to the toolkit that will include a brief explanation of the topic, the value of assessing and documenting continuous improvement of the concept, and several examples, which include a developed communication narrative for each item.


Sustainability Issues Material to the Animal Feed and Pet Food Industry

People Planet Governance
  • Feed Safety & Food Safety
  • Human Capital
  • Human Health & Wellness
  • Social Good & Helping Communities
  • Worker Safety
  • Energy Use
  • Greenhouse gases
  • Land, Marine & Resource Use
  • Waste
  • Water Quality
  • Water Usage
  • Accountability
  • Legal, Regulatory & Institutional Compliance
  • Stakeholders & Shareholders
  • Shareholder Rights
  • Transparency


Kurt Rosentrater’s, Ph.D., 400-level agricultural and biosystems engineering sustainability course at ISU is undertaking the project. Student teams will develop the information and engage industry members as needed to create narratives, with support and introductions from IFEEDER. Content created during the semester will be refined by Rosentrater’s student assistants, working in collaboration with IFEEDER staff.

We greatly appreciate the generous support from the following industry members.



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