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1. IFEEDER Newsletter: Volume 8, Issue 7

In this issue:

  • Do You Know the Differences Between IFEEDER and AFIA?
  • Fundraising Needs: Can You Help Us Help the Industry?
  • Feed's Role in Sustainable Beef
  • Where You'll Find IFEEDER Next
  • Donate Now!
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2. IFEEDER Newsletter: Volume 8, Issue 6

In this issue:

  • WANTED: Enteric Emissions-Reducing Ingredients & Additives for On-Farm Trials
  • Gathering Input for the Swine NRC Update
  • Innovation and Feed: How Animal Ag Can Reduce Its Environmental Footprint
  • What I'm Reading: Environmental Impact of Lab-Grown Meat Potentially Worse Than Beef
  • Where You'll Find IFEEDER Next
  • Donate Now!
Tags: beef, environment
3. Communicating Feed's Impact Via the Protein PACT

The Protein PACT for the People, Animals & Climate of Tomorrow unites partners including the Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) across the animal agriculture supply chain in the largest-ever effort to strengthen animal protein’s contributions to the people, animals and climate of tomorrow. Following the Protein PACT’s launch in July 2021, the North American Meat Institute (Meat Institute) and our partners have been hard at work to set measurable baselines, verify progress toward ambitious achievements and communicate transparently about how nutrient-dense animal-sourced foods contribute to sustainable food security solutions.

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By Guest
4. Calling All Partners, The Time to Engage Is Now

The Institute for Feed Education and Research is making progress on several of its sustainability initiatives. We are wrapping up phase one of the Sustainability Road Map project and will be releasing a sustainability toolkit for feed industry members in January during the International Production and Processing Expo. Another project, the Feed Systems Sustainability Summit, held in September, was a great success and the takeaways are informing actions for the industry and its stakeholders. During the November Sustainable Agriculture Summit (SAS), over 800 representatives from the food value chain gathered, networked and made plans to advance sustainability efforts up and down the supply chain. All of these initiatives are informing IFEEDER’s actions to support feed systems sustainability, and our next steps are taking shape as we prepare to shift to phase two of our efforts.

Tags: Beef, Dairy, Stakeholders
By Lara Moody
5. Lessons for Feed from Animal Agriculture's Sustainability Journey

Our peers in animal agriculture, that is the farmers and ranchers who produce meat, milk and eggs every day for Americans to eat, must think holistically about the sustainability of their production systems. Beyond their downstream customers’ sustainability reporting desires, they are responsible to the communities surrounding their farms, regulatory agencies monitoring environmental impact and consuming public’s perceptions.  

Tags: Dairy, Poultry, Beef, Pigs
By Lara Moody
6. Uniting Feed and Animal Protein Production Through the Protein PACT

Consumers today want to see that our food choices have a positive impact on our health, communities and the environment around us. We at the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) believe that eating meat is not only compatible with that goal, it is integral to achieving it - we cannot achieve the sustainable, healthy future people need without meat.

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By Guest
7. IFEEDER Board Working to Advance Industry's Sustainability Journey

This week, the Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) held its annual Board of Trustees meeting to review the public charity’s accomplishments over the past year, discuss strategic priorities for the upcoming fiscal year and install new trustees and Board leadership.

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8. IFEEDER Finds Demand for Animal Food Strong, Despite COVID-19
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